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Connections Magazine

2023 Connections Magazine 2023 Connections Magazine

This edition of the College of Natural Science (NatSci) magazine contains a wide range of community highlights and activities that I find inspiring and a great read; I hope that you do too! It contains an awesome deep dive into the science of plants in space, an area of great interest as humanity transitions into a multi-planet species. There is a nice section on the college strategic plan, and we have developed a much more detailed college implementation plan that we are aggressively pursuing. These grassroots documents provide aspirational and ambitious roadmaps to a future where our community continues to grow and thrive through the richness of many voices and viewpoints from alumni, students, staff and faculty that are truly representative and inclusive of the people of the state of Michigan and the United States.

2021 Connections Magazine 2021 Connections Magazine

Resilience is a word many of us have gotten to know personally during the past two years, and it is key to the long-term survival of many plants and animals. Check out our feature story on NatSci researchers who, in collaboration with scientists at other universities and institutions, are making an impact in addressing resilience and biodiversity; read a recap of recent (and generous) alumni gifts, including the John H. Beaman Memorial Herbarium Fund; and learn more about our newest faculty and staff members and other department activities in the Fall 2021 edition of Connections.

2020 Connections Magazine 2020 Connections Magazine

Welcome to the latest issue of the College of Natural Science’s (NatSci) magazine, Connections! This year's publication features: NatSci scientists tackle climate change, Insight into the new era of antimicrobial resistance research, Efforts on transforming STEM teaching and learning for the 21st century. Also, the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory has received a grant to continue its innovative photosynthesis research, Gregg Howe's story and election to the National Academy of Sciences.  Learn how the new library of plant molecules aids in the fight to discover new antibiotics. In memoriam:  R. James Kirkpatrick.  MSU is adding the finishing touches to the new STEM teaching and learning facility. Your help with emergency funds has enabled seniors to complete their degrees. And lastly, we've worked hard on staying connected during extraordinary times with the introduction of virtual events and concentrating on safe research environments.

2018-19 Connections Magazine 2018-19 Connections Magazine

Welcome to the 2019 issue of the College of Natural Science’s (NatSci) magazine, Connections! This publication features stories on cancer research at MSU, 40 years of the Charles Drew Science Scholars program, the making of a Rhodes Scholar, highlighting the journey of NatSci alum Clara Lepard, and a wrap up on MSU's Empower Extraordinary campaign, which ended December 31, 2018.


2017-18 Connections Magazine 2017-18 Connections Magazine

Welcome to the 2017-18 issue of the MSU College of Natural Science’s (NatSci) magazine, Connections. This year's publication features stories on the discoveries and successes of our astronomy program, a five-year retrospective on the NatSci Dean's Research Scholars program and how NatSci female faculty members are setting the "gold" standard of distinction and recognition in science and teaching as holders of endowed chairs and professorships.

2016-17 Connections Magazine 2016-17 Connections Magazine

Welcome to the 2016-17 issue of the College of Natural Science's magazine, Connections. This year's publication features a story on the transformation of introductory courses in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics that promises to improve STEM teaching and learning to improve the persistence and success of a diverse group of students interested in pursuing STEM careers. Other stories highlight research related to vector-borne diseases such as Zika, denge and malaria; hydroecology research in the Arctic; and an alumni trip to Iceland, showcasing the "cream of the crop" of Iceland's volcanoes, geysers and glaciers.

2015-16 Connections Magazine 2015-16 Connections Magazine

Welcome to the 2015-16 of the College of Natural Science’s (NatSci) magazine, Connections. Feature stories include how researchers are "remodeling" research to further illuminate green energy viability, the creation of MSU Foundation professorships to help retain the best and brightest faculty members, the establishment of a new department--computational mathematics, science and engineering, and a capital campaign special section.