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2023 Chemistry Newsletter 2023 Chemistry Newsletter

In my inaugural message to you in our fall 2021 newsletter, I shared that "we are at the beginning of a large-scale investment in the future of the MSU chemistry enterprise, with the hire of 10 faculty members over the next several years."

2021 Chemistry Newsletter 2021 Chemistry Newsletter

As policymakers turn toward science to address climate change, a NatSci chemist is looking for inspiration from molecules to develop the next generation of solar energy technology. Check out our feature story on James McCusker’s quest to develop scalable solar-power materials, read a giving profile on John Witt (B.S., Chemistry, '57), and learn more about our newest faculty and staff members and other department activities in our 2021 newsletter.

2019 Chemistry Newsletter 2019 Chemistry Newsletter

Imagine meeting the world’s energy needs without drilling, fracking, or burning, but rather by harnessing thin air. Check out our feature story on how NatSci professors Tom Hamman and Milton (Mitch) Smith are investigating ways to do just that through the process of ammonia electrocatalysis, read a roundup on key grants received since the last newsletter, and learn more about our newest faculty and staff members in our 2019 newsletter.