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Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

2023 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 2023 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

MMG is a remarkable, dynamic academic community. We have been fortunate to bring new faculty into this community over the past couple of years, while some col- leagues have moved on to other opportuni- ties in their lives and careers. We wish them the very best; they remain MMG Spartans in our hearts! You can read more about our new and departing faculty in this newsletter (page 4) and about a wonderful program of peer-mentoring—GRIT—that was created by MMG students and has expanded to include many other departments and programs 


2020 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 2020 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Living in Michigan, we all probably know people who hunt deer. NatSci microbiology and molecular genetics professor Shannon Manning is a hunter too, but her quarry is microscopic Salmonella strains. Check out our feature story on tracking Salmonella to better treat Michigan patients, read a giving profile about Richard Van Frank (B.S., microbiology and public health, ’51), and learn more about our newest faculty and staff members and other department activities in our 2020 newsletter.